The Difference Between Blow Molding and Injection Molding

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The Difference Between Blow Molding and Injection Molding


Here at Microdyne Plastics, we specialize in injection molding and blow molding. Both of these manufacturing processes are used to create plastic products. Depending on the type of plastics you need, you will be looking for one of these two manufacturing processes to make your plastic parts.

What is the difference between blow molding and injection molding if they both are utilized in plastic-making?

Some of the main differences are:

  1. Blow Molding ProcessesThe product - The main difference between the two processes is the type of product. Blow molded products are hollow containers or bottles, while injection molded products are solid plastic pieces. Since bottles are hollow on the inside, the process of blow molding varies greatly from injection molding.
  2. The molds - Molds that are used in the two types of processes are different. The molds used in injection molding remain sealed throughout the entire process. In comparison, the blow molding process begins with a mold that is split apart. As the molten plastic extrudes from the machine, the molds will close completely.
  3. Presence of air - In injection molding, it’s important that there is no air present. Air bubbles can diminish the overall quality of the end product. However, in the blow molding process air is forced into the mold to expand the plastic to the limits of the mold cavity. 

Even though these two manufacturing processes create plastic items, they are really very different. Whether you are looking for a hollow plastic part or a solid plastic item, Microdyne Plastics can help with your needs. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and hold a Device Manufacturing License from the California Department of Health Services. Microdyne Plastics is also a licensed medical device manufacturer.

Microdyne also offers secondary operations including shrink wrapping, bottle assembly, adding inserts, UPC labeling, drop shipments and special packaging. To get a quote on Microdyne’s injection molded or blow molded products, click here

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